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    How Do Solar Panels Work


    Collect solar energy by placing the solar panels in direct sunlight


    Converts the absorbed solar energy to electricity and stores it in a lithium-ion battery (power station)

    Store & Appliances

    Store the power in a power station and power appliances by releasing stored energy even if there is no sun, at night or on cloudy days

    1 Collect
    2 Convert
    3 Store & Appliances

    Why Choose Jackery Solar Panels ?

    • Maximum Solar Production All-Year

      IBC solar technology

      25% conversion efficiency

      Jackery solar generators equip industry-leading solar panel efficiency of 25%, and can charge fully in 4 hours at the fastest (Solar Generator 1500 Pro). With the MPPT and IBC solar technology, the solar backup generator supports continuous and stable charging even during cloudy days and high temperatures. It is a renewable, clean power source with zero fuel cost.

    • On-the-Go Power Source with Quick Installation

      Quick Setup

      Portable & Foldable

      Jackery solar panels are made of highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells with the highest solar panel efficiency of 25%, which none of the alternatives in the industry can match. Designed using 40-year mature IBC Solar technology, the solar panels continue to produce stable output during weak light environments or high temperatures.


    • Durable and Reliable Design

      14 - 149°F Temperature

      IP65 - IP68 Waterproof

      The ETEF surface design makes the solar panels suitable for multi-environments. The highest IP68 waterproof and working temperature of - 10-65°C (14 - 149°F) make it possible to enjoy electricity in humid environment and chilly winter days. The battery packs' grid structure design is set on the back of the solar panel to prevent battery cracks and for a longer life span.

    • Universal Solar Panels

      Designed with industry-standard solar connector, Jackery solar panels are compatible with third-party power stations too. Capture more energy by teaming it up with the Jackery Explorer power stations.

    • Solar Power The Future of Energy

      Unlike traditional generators, solar power panels do not emit harmful gases or fumes, making them eco-friendly. And they require a low even no maintenance. Save on your wallet and environment with Jackery solar panels.

    • Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel

      Foldable, compact, and lightweight solar panels for camping, hiking, RV trips.

      24.3% Conversion
      14 - 149°F Temperature
      2 USB Outputs
      IP65 Waterproof

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    Jackery Solar Panels FAQs